Visibility Analysis

With the use of parametric tools, it is possible to combine information resulting from the traditional visibility studies of the building from selected observation points and visualize it on the 3d building model. The visibility analysis is based on a human view cone with a horizontal angle of 60 ° with the observation point located on the object being analyzed

The first stage of the visibility analysis is to convert the model of the analyzed object into a mesh, in accordance with the given precision. The centre points of each mesh face are checked for visibility from the defined viewpoints. Vectors are generated that connect viewpoints to each centre point of the building's mesh face. If a given vector intersects with any element of the model of the surrounding, then a given fragment of the building's is considered to be invisible from the given point. Then the results for mesh face are averaged for all of the viewpoints are visualized in the form of a coloured mesh. The colour scale range from red, for invisible elements of the building form, to blue, for the most visible elements of the building.