I specialize in building optimization at the stage of parcel analysis and conceptual design.

I work on projects of various scales and functions, from houses to public buildings (theaters, hospitals, rehabilitation centers). I have experience in working at every stage of the design process, as a member of the team and a leading architect (SDA Szcześniak + Denier Architekci, Marek Rytych Architect, Nowy Biotop Miejski and Atelier Tektura).

I run design classes, seminars and laboratories (such as Digital Fabrication, Information Processes in Architecture and Techniques Integration) at the Master's Course on the Architecture for Society of Knowledge specialization, at the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology.

In my scientific work, I focus on optimization processes in architectural design, pre-design analyzes (weather, energy, urban, energy, functional, shading, sun exposure, occlusion, visibility and others) developed individually or using ready-made libraries.